Otaru Orgel Doh

Soak Up Some Musical History

Main Building of the Otaru Orgel Doh is emblematic of Western colonial architecture and still stands as a landmark of the Marchen Crossroads today. The famous sight of the tall clock outside discharging steam every 15 minutes, accompanied by a distinct five-note melody, is one of Hokkaido’s most enduring scenes. Otaru Orgel Doh has strong connections to the traditional music box – small musical instruments inside wooden boxes with roots dating back to at least the European renaissance period, though arguably much further back in the Middle East. The same mechanics were used inside the clock tower in Otaru, and in honor of that, 25,000 music boxes are available for purchase in the main hall of Otaru Orgel Doh. The nearby Otaru Music Box Museum lets you experience “heavenly music” played by an Aeolian pipe organ and offers rare glimpses at local antique music boxes.

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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
Open all year round
Free admission
Car Park
None (Use paid parking lot)
●On foot: About 7 minutes from JR Minami-Otaru Station
●By car: 4 km from Otaru IC on Sasson Expwy, about 10 minutes

Otaru Orgel Doh

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