Sapporo Clock Tower

Silently Watching Over The City

Sapporo Clock Tower proudly stands as a cultural and historical symbol that silently watches over the city of Sapporo. The tower was originally constructed in 1878, and served as a military drill hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College (present-day Hokkaido University). The building was used as a central hall for military training, academic lectures, and an exhibition space for agricultural specimens. In 1906, the Clock Tower was moved to its current location. Just as it did over 100 years ago, the clock still chimes every hour. The building is equipped with a scenic terrace on the second floor, perfect for taking pictures, and serves as a lovely, illuminated romantic spot during sunset.

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General Information

Postal code
北海道札幌市中央区北1条西2丁目 旧札幌農学校演武場
Telephone Number
8:45-17:10 (Entry until 17:00)
Jan. 1-Jan. 3
Various discounts are available for admission (see related links).
Car Park
None (Use paid parking lot)
●On foot: About 10 minutes from the south exit of JR Sapporo Station
●On foot: About 5 minutes from Odori subway station

Sapporo Clock Tower

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