Hakodate Meijikan

Lovely historical appearance

In the bay area, you will find the shopping complex “Hakodate Meijikan”. The shops within feature a wide variety of local goods, including folk craft, glassware, and music boxes. Right at the entrance, you will find a bus service that provides access to both Hakodate Station and Hakodate Airport, making the mall perfect for some last-minute souvenir shopping. The shops aren’t necessarily the highlight though, as the buildings that make up this complex are beautifully kept red-brick warehouses, which were originally part of Hokkaido’s first post office built in 1911. The ivy that adorns the façade of these warehouses only adds to their beauty, especially when they turn crimson red from late October to early November.

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Nearest airports
New Chitose Airport Sapporo Okadama Airport Hakodate Airport Okushiri Airport Asahikawa Airport Wakkanai Airport Rishiri Airport Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport Memanbetsu Airport Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport Tancho Kushiro Airport Tokachi Obihiro Airport

General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
9:30-18:00, varies depending on season
Wednesday, 2nd Thursday
Car Park
40 spaces
200 yen per hour (1 hour free if you spend more than 1,000 yen)
●On foot: About 5 minutes walk from Hakodate City Tram Jujigai stop
●By car: 10 km from Hokkaido Hakodate Airport via Route 63 and Route 278, about 20 minutes


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