Toyako Visitor Center, Volcano Science Museum

An Interactive Look at an Active Volcano

Mount Usu is an active volcano that has erupted as recently as 2000. With glass floor exhibits and geological specimens, this interactive museum offers a fascinating insight into the workings of volcanoes. Learn about how Mount Usu erupts and the various natural phenomena caused by its eruptions, including the formation of Lake Toya in the Toya caldera. The museum is in Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark and just a short walk from beautiful geothermal sites that are a must-see as well!
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General Information

Postal code
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The New Year's holiday and other temporary closures
Adults 600 yen, children 300 yen (visitor center free)
Car Park
29 spaces, free
●By bus: About 20 minutes from JR Toya Station, get off at "Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal" and walk for about 5 minutes
●By car: About 10 minutes from Hokkaido Expwy Abuta-Toyako IC.

Volcano Science Museum

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