Kita no Arashiyama

A Charmingly Rustic Village at the Foot of Mt. Arashiyama

Mt. Arashiyama in Asahikawa shares a namesake with the better-known location in Kyoto due to the two mountain’s featural similarities. At the foot of the mountain sits “Kita no Arashiyama,” a quaint forested area filled with craft shops, gardens, and tea houses that are open year-round. The collection of artisan pottery, glass art, wooden crafts, and dyed fabric goods on sale makes this a great place for souvenir shopping. With tours and craft workshops available, visitors will never be at a loss for something to do at this charming little mountain spot. Once visitors have worked their fingers sore doing crafts, they can relax in the area’s fashionably rustic café.
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General Information

Postal code
10:00-18:00 (Depends on the store)
Irregular holidays (Depends on the store, some stores are closed in winter)
●By bus: About 25 minutes from JR Asahikawa Station, get off at "Hoppo Yosoen Iriguchi" and walk about 5 minutes
●By car: About 5 minutes from Hokkaido Expwy Asahikawa-Takasu IC

Kita no Arashiyama

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