Esashi Oiwake Kaikan, Esashi Yama Kaikan

Celebrate the Birthplace of Japanese Folk Music

Esashi Oiwake Kaikan
Located in Esashi, a port town in southern Hokkaido, exhibits the long history of folk songs in Hokkaido. The place's origins and name derive from one of Hokkaido's most important folk songs, the melody and lyrics adapted from a song that was transmitted on merchant ships during the Edo period (1603-1868). In between learning about the form and content of folk music, its heritage and preservation in the Kaikan, why not take a singing lesson on-site? If you have the chance to visit Esashi in late Sep., be sure to see the finale of the Esashi Oiwake national competition, which will feature 440 of his singers from all over Japan.

Esashi Yama Kaikan (In Esashi, the Hikiyama is called "Yama")
The Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival is Hokkaido’s oldest festival, dating back 370 years. From August 9 to 11, the streets of historic trading town Esashi are filled with people as 13 magnificent multi-tiered floats, known as yama, parade through the town accompanied by traditional music as an expression of gratitude for the year’s herring catch. If you are visiting outside of the festival period, be sure to check out the Esashi Float Hall. Here, two of the eye-catching floats are displayed on rotation along with other goods and an explanation of the festival’s fascinating history.
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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
Apr. to Oct. Open everyday
From Nov. to Mar. Every Monday and the day after a national holiday
The New Year's holiday (Dec. 31-Jan. 5)
Adults 500 yen, students 250 yen
Car Park
20 spaces, free
●By bus: About 120 minutes from JR Hakodate Station, get off at “Nakautacho” and walk About 5 minutes
●By car: About 90 minutes from Hakodate Airport

Esashi Town

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