Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain

The perfect place to encounter wild Hokkaido brown bears

With so many vast expanses of wilderness covering Hokkaido’s main landmass, there is a lot of room for animals to roam in their natural habitats. At Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain, a safari-style park smack bang in the middle of Hokkaido, you go on a bear-finding adventure! See fierce yet beautiful Ussuri brown bears (a type of Eurasian grizzly) roam through the fields, forests, and hills from a safe vantage point. The Bear Watching Bus is well-guarded and takes you through the bears’ habitat, while the five-meter high walkway gives you a bird’s-eye view of these incredible creatures. At the bear point in the middle of the park, you can come up face-to-face with the bears, separated by a glass barrier.

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General Information

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Late Oct.- late Apr.
Temporary closing (see official website)
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Car Park
600 spaces, free
●By car: About 15 minutes from JR Shintoku Station
●By car: About 30 minutes from Doto Expwy Tomamu IC

Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain

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