Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum of Art

"Horse (Last and Unfinished)" is a must-see

Kanda Nissho (1937 – 1970) was an oil painter known for his realism and examination of the often harsh conditions of pastoral Tokachi, Hokkaido. Although Kanda was born in Tokyo, he spent most of his brief life as a farmer and settler in Tokachi after being evacuated from the capital during wartime air raids. The Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum of Art’s collection spans his entire career, complete with sketches and a recreation of the artist’s studio. Nissho’s legacy is deeply connected to Tokachi, so there is no better place to view the artist’s masterpieces.

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Mondays (open if Monday is a national holiday), weekdays following national holidays, The New Year's holiday, temporary closures for exhibition changes
Car Park
●By bus: About 60 minutes from JR Obihiro Station, get off at "Kanda Nissho Bijutsu Kinenkan-mae", and walk immediately
●By car: About 30 minutes from Doto Expwy Tokachi-Shimizu IC

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Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum of Art

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