Roller Coaster Road

Takes Visitors Through Hokkaido’s Iconic Landscape

While driving through central Hokkaido, make sure to take the renowned “Roller Coaster Road” in order to experience the beautiful and varied scenery of Kamifurano. The road, characterized by its abrupt ascending and descending slopes, is a straight 4-kilometer route that cuts through some of Hokkaido’s most iconic landscape. The beginning of this road is marked by a signpost reading “West 11 Farm Road,” and stands along national highway No. 237. From there, the road climbs and descends, not unlike a roller coaster, for 2.5 kilometers, passing by the beautiful hills and paddy fields at the base of the Mt. Tokachi Range.

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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
0167-45-3150(Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association)
●By car: About 10 minutes from JR Kamifurano Station
●By car: About 25 minutes from Asahikawa Airport

Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association

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