Goto Sumio Art Museum

Discover Colorful Paintings That Bring Hokkaido’s Landscapes to Life

Goto Sumio was an acknowledged master of Nihonga, Japanese-style painting, made with naturally derived pigments. This museum, dedicated to his life works, features permanent exhibitions of his major paintings and original sketches, many of which were inspired by the scenic beauty of Hokkaido. Kamifurano, in particular, held a cherished place in the artist’s heart; he chose to have his own studio here in 1987 which later turned into this museum! After experiencing Goto’s colorful and evocative works, head upstairs to the restaurant for an incredible view of the Tokachidake Mountain Range.
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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
(Apr.-Oct.) 10:00-17:00
(Nov.-Mar.) 10:00-16:00
The New Year's holiday, Temporarily closed
Adults 1,210 yen, Children 605 yen
Car Park
100 spaces, free
●By car: About 5 minutes from JR Kamifurano Station
●By car: About 70 minutes from Doto Expwy Shimukappu IC

Goto Sumio Art Museum

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