Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

Life and Culture, Preserved and Enriched

The story of Hokkaido begins with its original people, the Ainu, whose way of life is preserved and passed down to future generations at this museum. Visitors can experience the vibrant history of the Ainu through exhibitions that explore all aspects of Ainu culture, from hunting and food practices to artistic traditions and spirituality. The rare and precious artifacts in this museum make it a must-see! Check out the superb clothing and food artifacts, such as beautiful wooden plates and spoons.
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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
Nov. 16-April 15 (Closed on Mondays in winter), Dec.16- Jan.15(Closed for a month)
Adults 400 yen, Children (7-15)150 yen
Car Park
50 spaces, free
●By car: About 20 minutes from Hidaka Expwy Hidaka Tomikawa IC

Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

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