Tokachigawa Hot Spring

Tokachigawa Onsen is famous for its "mall hot springs," a rare type of hot spring in the world.

Tokachigawa Onsen is a unique hot spring in Japan that gushes out "mall hot spring" containing high levels of plant organic matter. The hot spring gushes out through layers of plants that have been deposited over a long period of time, making it one of the rarest springs in the world, and it has been selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site. The smooth water, which is derived from plants, warms the body to the core after just a short soak, and keeps the body warm afterwards. It is also known as "hot water for beautiful skin" because it has a moisturizing effect like lotion. The hot spring resort area is dotted with numerous lodging facilities, including luxury inns with open-air baths and large hotels with many guest rooms. Visitors to Tokachigawa Onsen can enjoy experiences and events throughout the four seasons, such as hot-air balloon rides where they can view the magnificent scenery of Tokachi from above, and the "Sairinka" event in winter, which takes visitors into a fantastic world created by the night sky, snow, and countless light objects.

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New Chitose Airport Sapporo Okadama Airport Hakodate Airport Okushiri Airport Asahikawa Airport Wakkanai Airport Rishiri Airport Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport Memanbetsu Airport Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport Tancho Kushiro Airport Tokachi Obihiro Airport

Hot spring information

Spring quality/Indications (for bathing)

Chloride springs
Cuts, peripheral circulatory failure, cold constitution, depression, dry skin

General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
0155-32-6633(Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association)
●By bus: About 35 minutes from JR Obihiro Station, get off at "Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen"
●By car: About 25 minutes from Doto Expwy Otofuke Obihiro IC
●By car: About 35 minutes from Obihiro Airport

Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association

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