Sapporo Factory

A huge shopping mall that blends Sapporo's history with today

Located on the site of the former Sapporo Kaitakushi Brewery, the present-day commercial complex encompasses 8 buildings housing approximately 160 shops and facilities. Inside, you will find a hotel, cinema, video arcade, restaurants, and many retailers selling fashion, interior goods, sundries, and more! Visitors will also find the historical roots of the site everywhere. The red-brick exterior and chimney are emblazoned with the logo of the Sapporo beer company, the Polar Star, and make for great photo opportunities. Make sure to stop by the beer bar, “Sapporo Kaitakushi Brewery - Observation hall,” which gives visitors the opportunity to savor beer produced from the first recipe used when the brewery was established.

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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
10:00‐20:00 (Depends on the store)
Irregular holidays
Car Park
Available (first hour free)
●On foot: About 5 minutes from "Bus Center-mae" Subway Station
●By car: About 15 minutes from from Sasson Expwy Sapporo Kita IC

Sapporo Factory

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