Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and Jogai Market

Your Gateway to Hokkaido’s Delicious Fresh Produce

Every morning, vegetables, fruit, and fresh seafood from across Hokkaido make their way to the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. The fresh products are then purchased from the Wholesale Market and offered to retail customers at the adjacent Jogai Market. Make sure to try their fresh scallops and crab which are known for being heavenly! This market is home to sushi bars and other eateries that serve products straight from the market, which means seasonal delicacies are offered at reasonable prices. Go for the morning market rush and stick around for a delectable afternoon lunch.

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General Information

Postal code
Telephone Number
6:00-17:00 (restaurant 7:00-)
Open all year round
Car Park
100 spaces, free
●On foot: About 7 minutes from Nijuyonken Subway Station
●On foot: About 9 minutes from JR Soen Station
●By car: About 15 minutes from Sasson Expwy Shinkawa IC

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and Jogai Market

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